Gallery application

Build a gallery application using Xata's File Attachment feature, which integrates file support directly into the database. You'll benefit from a unified experience for handling large binary objects, which uses searchable and queryable file metadata.

This small gallery application using Next.js and Chakra UI, highlights the following key features of Xata:

  • Pagination: Efficiently handle large datasets with offset-based pagination.

  • Form handling: Streamline user interactions by managing forms and submissions seamlessly.

  • Search functionality: Implement powerful search features for quick content retrieval.

  • Data aggregation: Use Xata for data aggregation, gaining valuable insights from your data.

  • Summaries: Create concise data summaries to enhance user understanding.

  • Image handling: Simplify image management and transformations for improved visuals.

  • Advanced queries: Explore advanced data querying using junction tables and links for complex data relationships.

  • TypeScript integration: Learn best practices for integrating Next.js and Xata with TypeScript, ensuring a robust and error-free development process.