XMDB powered by Xata

XMDb is a movie database application built on Xata to showcase how Xata can support large databases.


The XMDb example highlights the remarkable scalability of Xata in handling large databases. By using XMDb, users can easily search for films by entering keywords or search terms, and the application presents a list of movies ranked by relevancy. This search functionality demonstrates how Xata excels in efficiently managing and supporting extensive databases in real-world scenarios. It showcases Xata's ability to handle vast amounts of data, ensuring optimal performance, and providing users with an enhanced experience.

  • Zod - TypeScript-first runtime validation library for schema validation.
  • Xata client- Object-relational mapping (ORM) with the SDK to handle data manipulation, querying, and other database-related tasks.
  • Vercel/OG - Open Graph (OG) image generation.
  • TailwindCSS - Utility-first CSS framework for style.
  • React icons - SVG icons as React components.