Xata powers search for RankOne’s social platform

RankOne is using Xata to bring streamers closer to their audience.

Written by

Alex Francoeur

Published on

February 7, 2023

We’re always excited to learn how our users are using Xata and the value it provides to their business. Today we’ll be putting the community spotlight on RankOne, a social platform for streamers.

Rankone page
A Rankone profile

RankOne is a startup focused on building the best social platform for gaming streamers. Streamers use RankOne to create personal gaming profiles and communicate their gaming preferences directly to their audience through a Twitch extension.

The RankOne platform is used by thousands of gamers and content creators. The team’s goal is to illuminate the gaming industry and bridge the gap between that industry and its gamers. In the past year, they’ve expanded into influencer marketing on Twitch and YouTube. Their unique knowledge of how people play games allows them to tailor marketing campaigns to reach the right audience. Piecing all these different datasets together, is where Xata comes in.

The gaming industry is booming, with over 5 million video games in existence and thousands of new titles being introduced each year. One of the benefits RankOne provides their users is being able to bring them closer to the games.

The team came across Xata as they were looking for a way to store information about all released and upcoming games in an easily searchable database. The fact that their application was built on a mix of TypeScript, Vite, Next.js, Node.js and React made Xata a perfect fit.

Everything RankOne does, from social profiles to personalized marketing campaigns, rely on game information and it’s vital to be able to access and query the data at all times.

For the longest time, the platform was highly dependent on a costly third party API for game related data. With Xata they were able to move off that solution they’ve relied on for years in just a matter of days — saving money along the way and prepared for future scale and growth.

If you’re a gamer, content creator or just generally interested in the use case check out RankOne and follow them on Twitter. And if you’d like to build your next big idea on Xata, sign up and come join our community on Discord. We’re looking forward to seeing what you build next.

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