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Xata documentation

Xata is a Serverless Data Platform. It combines the features of a relational database, a search engine, and an analytics engine and exposes a single consistent REST API. Xata has first-class support for branches, a workflow for zero-downtime schema migrations, and edge caching. Optionally it provides an ask endpoint to engage with with OpenAI's GPT-3 API.

Start here

If you are new to Xata, we recommend you start by creating an account, installing the CLI and then learning about a SDK client or the REST API.

# Installs the CLI globally
npm install -g @xata.io/cli
# Authenticate the CLI to your account
xata auth login
# Initialize xata in your project directory
xata init
# Run when you've made changes in the UI and want to update locally
xata pull

Platform quickstarts

Supported clients

For managing authentication, we provide an official Auth JS integration.

Example code repositories on Github

We have several example applications to walk you through more complicated use cases.