Accelerating time-to-market for ecommerce platform Batchoop

In this community spotlight, we are excited to introduce Charles Bellorini, Xavier Dersy and their innovative tatcommerce company, Batchoop.

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Alex Fancoeur

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April 20, 2023

In this community spotlight we are excited to introduce Charles Bellorini, Xavier Dersy and their innovative ecommerce company, Batchoop. Batchoop is a new concept that allows its customers to team up with others to enjoy discounts on their favorite products.

Batchoop application
Batchoop application

Charles and Xavier started Batchoop with a goal of a creating a new way for people to purchase products online. They aimed to create a platform that would allow customers to team up and enjoy discounts they wouldn’t be able to receive on their own.

The idea behind Batchoop is simple. Customers select a product, pre-pay for it and then have 24 hours to find other similarly interested buyers. If they find like minded customers within that time frame, everyone enjoys around a 10% to 30% discount depending on the product.

Currently, Batchoop is focused on cosmetics and beauty products, an industry where buyers like to get recommendations and can easily benefit from group purchases. With a successful launch recently, Batchoop is excited with the traction they’ve been seeing from their customer base.

Charles discovered Xata through a recent video on the popular YouTube channel Fireship. Out of all the databases featured, Charles found Xata most appealing for their use case because it was an easy way to have non-technical folks in the company engage with the data.

Batchoop is already planning to expand the number of wholesalers they are working with. The deals these wholesalers provide are accessed via API and ingested into a Xata database, where they can then be manually reviewed and modified before pushing to production. It’s at this stage, that the less technical people on his team can get hands on with the data, review it and tweak it to perfection before its listed as a deal on their platform. With Xata, no additional tools were required for this auditing and collaboration.

On the engineering side, Charles really appreciates overall development experience, high rate limit, pagination and general simplicity of the Xata API.

Batchoop is still in its early stages, but all signals point to a successful and exciting opportunity ahead. As their customer base and product catalogue continues to grow, so will their use cases.

Charles and the team are excited to try out Xata’s Python SDK and look forward to an in-app analytics experience. With recommendations as a well established experience in the cosmetics and beauty industry, he’s excited to explore Xata’s recently added ChatGPT integration, vector embeddings and semantic search.

Congratulations to Charles and Xavier on their launch and we look forward what the future holds for Batchoop! Follow them on Twitter if you’d like to keep up with their story.

Do you have a similar story or use case with Xata you’d like to share? Send us an email if you’d like to be featured on our community spotlight.

Until then, happy building 🦋

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