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Written by

Atila Fassina

Published on

August 3, 2022

At Xata we strive to be the serverless database with the best developer experience (DX) in the world. This is an ambitious goal and all of us are fully aware of that, but we have our vision and I can say confidently we are putting in the work to get there. Today we share yet another step towards this goal: we are opening our Xata Discord Server to everyone interested in joining in. “What does a discord server have do with DX?”, you may be wondering. I am glad you asked.

Having good DX means more than easy to use tools and readable code to us. It means being close to our users, it means knowing them, it means being there. Feedback like this from selbekk gets us celebrating for days:

Twitter message
Selbekk on Twitter

From the Developer Relations team to the CEO, we are all there for you. Engaging, listening to your feedback and learning from how you use our product and what you want to build with us. We believe only our users can tell us what the best serverless database DX in the world actually feels like, and we are here for it.

Creating a community also enables us to live up to another of our standards: inclusiveness. We want everyone to feel they belong in tech. And this server is our little corner where we will ensure everyone has the emotional safety to speak and be heard, to participate, to teach, and to learn.

Within our server, sharing the knowledge you have (or just acquired) has a main role. Because it is easy to miss information in the endless scroll of channels where different topics intertwine and people get overwhelmed, we have created a set of channels with the main goal of encouraging people to participate and to allow what is said to linger for decent time. No FOMO (fear of missing out) around there.

We have different channels for:

  • showcasing what you built
  • ask for help for assistance in whatever you are building
  • share tips via our twitter hashtag #XataTips (or a nice vibe with its sibling: #XataVibes)
  • or maybe just request access because you had an awesome idea and we're in closed beta still

On the first section, I mentioned we keep our ears up for users' feedback. Our discord server amplifies that in the way that we have announcement channels, where you will be able to hear first what we are working on and releasing. And, because we are all there, you can offer feedback in real-time as we share, or as we are implementing things.

  • Do you want .csv export? Start a thread there.
  • Is there a data type missing for your requirements? We want to know.

Drop a message, start a thread, let us know.

As the cherry on top, we are a remote-first team. We know how the pandemic made everyone struggle and some are still in need of live interactions. So we have a special voice channel for co-working. Jump in the channel and someone may soon join in and chat for a bit. Maybe you're flirting with becoming a streamer, or you want some rubber ducking, or even you just want some coffee-break/watercooler kind of chat. Anything goes.

In case you aren't familiar with Discord, it's free. There isn't any information required, you open your account with an email and you can join our server with this invitation. If something doesn't work well for you, reach out to us on Twitter or via info[at] We'll do our best to help you get sorted out. Say "hi" when you get there!

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