Launch Week

Join us for an exciting week filled with announcements, fun activities, and a chance to win prizes!

Written by

Alex Francoeur

Published on

August 28, 2023

The Xata team has been hard at work all summer building the features you’ve been asking for. To commemorate the end of the season, we're launching our latest features in a week-long event. Join us in celebrating our launch week, complete with a content hackathon. Summer is not over yet, let’s enjoy one last party! 🎉 🎊 🥳 🍾

To stay up to date with the latest info, keep an eye on this page and watch for updates on X / Twitter or subscribe to our blog. We’ll update our blog every day with the latest announcements.

To make things more fun, we’re giving a riddle-like hint for each day. The first day is already revealed, but can you guess what we’re announcing in the other days? If yes, tell us on the social network formally known as Twitter and you’ll get points in our content hackathon (see below).

DayHintRelease blog post(s)
MondayThe most popular data format is not necessarily the best. Or is it?Effortlessly import and export your data using the new CSV implementation. Sounds simple, but the devil is in the details.
TuesdaySnakes usually don’t like to be confined, but what happens if you try to put one in chains?Our Python SDK is now officially in general availability. And if you're using Xata for an AI use case, we now have vector and in-memory store integrations for both Python and JavaScript.
WednesdayMulder and Scully have a new case on their hands. It’s a big one!Adding files to your application just became as easy as adding a column to your database with file attachments. X-Files 👽
ThursdayThe show is not over, a sequel is coming soon.SQL over HTTP is now readily available from our REST API, SDKs and web app.
FridayTODO: Jason, please don't forget to add this one.Better support for one-to-many relationships, JSON column types a flurry of getting started guides provide the developer experience you deserve.

To celebrate the end-of-summer launch week (Aug 28th - Sep 1st, 2023), we’re also organizing a content hackathon. Write a blog post, create a video, or simply spread the news and you can win:

  • 💰 One of 5 prizes of $500 each.
  • 📦 One of the 10 special Xata swag packages (🧢 + 👕 + stickers) delivered to you.

The contest starts today and final submissions are due by September 30th, 2023 at midnight (00:00 UTC). You can win prizes by gathering points. Get points by participating in any (or multiple) of the following activities:

  • ✍️ Write a blog post on your website,, or any other platform about one (or more) of the features that we’re announcing during launch week (10-30 points).
  • 📹 Create a video and post it on YouTube or X / Twitter about one (or more) of the features that we’re announcing during launch week (10-30 points).
  • 🔊 Quote-tweet any or all of our announcements during launch week on X / Twitter or create a new tweet mentioning us (10 points per tweet).
  • ❤️ Like and repost any or all of our announcement during launch week on a social platform. (3 points for a repost, 2 points for a like).

If you would like to participate, join our Discord, follow us on X / Twitter so you get notified of new announcements, have fun together, and help us spread the news! At the end of the hackathon, submit your entries using this form. The Xata team will assign points for each contribution. When evaluating the contributions, we’ll give extra points for interesting technical ideas, creativity, and reach. Some terms and conditions apply. See this doc for more information.

Let the last party of the summer begin!

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